Outstanding supports from technical, market and regulation help customers apart from competitors.


As a technology-based company, innovation in Fenchem is based on our expertise, and knowledge of customer orientation and market trends. Fenchem R&D is always trying to use our innovations to produce solutions to better serve our customers around the world, especially in feed, food, nutrition, cosmetics, and coating industries.

Also, Fenchem R&D group is utilizing the technology and experience in Fenchem Application Centre, to help our customers develop new products, solve application problems, reduce costs, and simplify their manufacturing process.

Fenchem R&D cooperates with research groups in universities and institutes, giving Fenchem extra power to keep the leading level in new technologies.

02Technical support

Ingredient Technology means we are not only providing ingredient, but also technology. We support our customers with our expertise knowledge of the ingredients, like what it is, where it can be used, what benefits it brings to you, and how to use it.

Fenchem’s technical support team is dedicated to answering all these questions in time and bringing value-added service to our customers.

More importantly, Fenchem emphasizes the convenience and efficiency of technical support for the customers around the world. Fenchem’s technical support is fully utilizing the global appearances of Fenchem branches, always providing instant technical consulting service, or even on-site supporting to local customers.

03Market support

Fenchem serves our industries with a view to the particular needs of globalization.

We will establish more branches in the coming years to meet the global market needs. Through our expansion, Fenchem has gained a better understanding of exploring products in different markets, like in Europe, United States, Southeast Asia, South Africa and China. We are willing to share these market experiences with our partners, like regulations, consuming habits, market trends and etc.

Fenchem has a professional marketing team to support the company’s appearance in the global industry activities, like industry forum, event, news and etc. And Fenchem can share the latest trends in Fenchem and industry through these activities, better serving the customers.


Fenchem adopts several Quality and EHS systems to guarantee the product quality in every step of the supplying chain, guarantee the safety and environment protecting for the goal of green business.

  • ISO 9001 certified

  • FAMI-QS certified

  • Organic certified

  • IP Non-GMO certified

  • Kosher certified

  • Halal certified

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